StreetKidz & StreetCred are partnering ministries that come alongside parents to help children and youth make Jesus their forever friend (become followers of Jesus). The StreetKidz Ministry currently serves ages 18 months through 6 years of age. We are in the process of expanding the ministry to 4th grade. The StreetCred Ministry is a new development to serve our youth in grades 5th - 8th. 

We call them a partnering ministry because we believe that God positioned parents as the primary people to cultivate the heart of their child to love Jesus. The community of God is called to reinforce biblical teachings (Deuteronomy 6:1-9). We use a Bible-based curriculum that teaches your child about Jesus, teamwork, serving and missions. In addition, we give the parents material in order to facilitate discussion around the dinner table, in the car, and/or during daddy and mommy time. It is our privilege and honor to create a safe place for your child, to be a supporting role in the spiritual development of your child, and to help your child become a servant leader.

On Sundays our children/youth worship with their parents first and then are directed to the StreetKidz or StreetCred Ministries based on the monthly schedule. Before service and-or the dismissal of the children, the parents will give written permission to allow their child(ren) to attend the StreetKidz or StreetCred Ministries.

* StreetKidz Ministry is serves ages 18 months - 4th grade. 

* StreetCred Ministry is serves our youth in grades 5th - 8th.                 


                    **StreetKidz Ministry Schedule                      **STREETCred MINISTRY SCHEDULE 

1st Sunday        18 months - 4th grade                                                    5th - 8th grade

2nd Sunday       18 months - 1st grade

3rd Sunday       18 months - 1st grade                                                     5th - 8th grade

4th Sunday       18 months - 4th grade                            

5th Sunday                                  No StreetKidz or StreetCred - WHOLE FAMILY GATHERING


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